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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Hello World

I have not been here in what seems like forever.

I miss blogging.

The only writing I get to do now is legal writing. Not stories, not musings about jagged-love, not ramblings over pop culture.

Shit. I wasted so much time. I should have not stopped.

I miss writing. I miss that part of my life.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008
I Ain't Saying Chiz No More

After turning his back on erstwhile ally Manny Villar for political reasons, I have decided to stop supporting Chiz Escudero.

I shall be voting for Manny Villar in the Presidential elections.

He is by far the most credible and the least likely to be corrupt.

After having served as Speaker of The House and Senate President, he is definetely well suited for the job.

Panfilo Lacson, Loren Legarda, Mar Roxas and all the other ambitious  nitwits  can all go kiss each other's ass.

Currently listening to:
Stop All the World Now
By Howie Day

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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Chiz Escudero or Mike Defensor?

Mood:    scared hell. I've got a test on taxation today!
Music of the Moment: nothing but songs for Wentworth Miller. hehe

No contest as far as I'm concerned, hands down Chiz Escudero all the way. Mike Defensor is a kiss ass son of a b!&%!!. Hmmm... I wonder how much GMA pays him.... Interesting thought.

    Anyways, I have yet to see the debate over at ANC between these two men. I have read some reviews but I'd rather see the debate myself before I comment on the results or outcome of the speaking battle.

    Chiz and Mike seem to be the golden boys of the two camps on the opposite ends of the political tunnel. They were classmates in College but now they're like prized cocks pitted against each other.

    I'm not sure if the series of debates are still on going. However, I'm certain that the ANC special is just a preview of more things to come. Television networks must be thrilled knowing fully well that the match-up can be good for the ratings, and hence we can look forward to more Chiz vs Mike features until the senate elections on

    That is, if an election ever takes place.
                                the musings of a pet....

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Mood:    I'm in a weird state of mind.
Music of the Moment: Nuthin', just listening to my interview with Chiz

    I met Chiz Escudero last night. I remember the moment exactly. My friends and I were sitting on our strategically located chairs. Our table was at the back of the room but it faced the stage directly. We didn't want heads blocking our view of the man who was the night's guest of honor, so we carefully chose our table. We were in evening gowns, the men in their barong tagalogs. Some may deny it, but, clearly everyone wanted to look their best. It wasn't really hard to move around, but of course with our heels and the long flowing gowns, we opted to sit while waiting for his arrival. I was giggling over some silly talks, then for some unknown reason I glanced at the door, and there he was, in a black short sleeves polo, wearing the trademark Chiz smile.

    I gasped. And for what seemed like an eternity, none of my friends spoke a word. The cat got their tongue obviously. I, on the other hand, shifted on my chair like a pubescent girl who caught a glimpse of her crush.

    Yeah, it was surreal, silly, hilarious, thrilling etc.. etc. I can name all adjectives available and they would aptly describe what took place at that precise moment.

    I wasn't exactly hyperventilating in public,  however I wasn't a picture of sophistication either. But then again, I'm only human. I got excited. Simple as that.

    Still, I was in a better condition than many others. Some girls I know shrieked and squealed. I heard stories of perspiring palms and wobbly knees. Indeed, at that jiffy, Chiz was the star.

    Ever since my co-officers and I agreed to invite Mr. Escudero to the Testimonial Dinner, I had been counting the days leading to the actual night. I have been a fan of this man ever since he became Fernando Poe Jr's trusted spokesperson.

    Everyone knows about the legendary FPJ's wariness of politicians. When Erap became president, FPJ never set foot at the Malacanang Palace. Not even once. He was also said to have trusted only a select few to surround him during the campaign. And Chiz, the youngest of the group, was a personal choice to be his spokesperson. I guess that is testament to the brilliance and charm of this Bicolano politician. To impress "Da King" is  no mean feat.

    So it's no surprise that his arrival in the ballroom caused so much fuzz.  He is, after all, a certified celebrity.

    Chiz looks just like he does in television. Perhaps, a little thinner. Television, as we know, adds at least 10 lbs. He has a small face, and a genuine smile that, at times, turned into a mischievous grin. He glanced down often. Seemed embarassed with the attention he was being showered with. Unlike some of his contemporaries, the man didn't look thrilled with the popularity fever. He appeared grateful, touched even. He was like a reluctant star in the presence of die hard aficionados.

    But such reluctance, such humility only added up to the charm of this future Senator, and hopefuilly, President.

    He said his speech in Tagalog, although he did speak  English once in a while. He joked about having only a few English available. It surprised me, I know he speaks impeccable English. I have heard him use the foreign language so many times in talk shows. Why would he want people to think he didn't know how?***

    He touched on mostly "law" topics. Trying hard not to appear like he was "namumulitika". He was a good speaker. He was forceful, engaging, eloquent, clear.

    Later in the night, he asked to be excused so he can smoke. He didn't have a moment of peace though. People rushed out of the ballroom when they saw him leave. The lobby turned into a studio as hordes of girls surrounded him asking to have their pictures taken with him. He obliged.

    I went out a few minutes later. My friend Aliya wanted a souvenir picture and so I accompanied her. The scene that greeted me was something straight out of a movie premiere. Girls were shrieking, giggling, snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow.

    While watching the events that transpired, it occured to me. It doesn't take much to excite people. It doesn't take a lot to make our day. This country is so in dire need of heroes and role models that when we are blessed with the presence of  a "hero material", we throw all caution to the wind and drop all formalities. Who cares if we appeared too eager? Yes, Chiz Escudero made people excited that night. The presence of him made our day. His charisma and modesty, and unassuming persona transcended all political boundaries.  His smart and witty personality and his  strong character  registered well with  those  he met. 

    Some people may not agree with his political and personal views, but it cannot be denied, that on that evening, on July 22, 2006, time stood still for a lot of people. And for that moment, that room became our world, and it revolved around one man, Francis Joseph Escudero.

(my take on our interview with him will be on my next post.)
*** he would explain why in the interview


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Thursday, June 22, 2006
MYX Conspiracy

Mood: Bad
Music of the Moment: Wala

No words can describe how I felt after watching the so called first ever Myx Music Awards. Shocked, is truly an understatement.

First, Christian Bautista losing to Erik Santos in the Best Male Artist category was simply out of this world. I mean, no offense to Erik's fans but certainly Christian is the hottest male artist of the moment. Actually, he has been for quite sometime now. Simply put, among the young male artists of today, no one is as popular as he is, nor as successful.

Christian was way ahead of the competition a couple of weeks prior to the closing of the votes. For a while, he was the only one among all nominees in ALL categories to have reached the  million mark. Certainly that speaks of the kind of fan base he has. Now, for some apparent reason, Erik came from behind and won the award. I don't know with you guys, but that's just strange. Are we supposed to believe that Christian's fans slept and doze off during the final stages and stopped voting?

Second, why the hell was Rivermaya not nominated in the Best Group category? I don't get it. If they were nominated, no doubt they would have trounced the opposition. Is that the reason why they were snubbed, because it would have been really difficult to put the... uhurm.... clearly favored Cueshe ahead of theme without music fans raising an uproar?

Rivermaya won both categories for which they were nominated. Convincingly, I must say. Now, how can the "Best Video" winner not be nominated for Best Group? Isn't MYX after all, all about music videos?

What's their criteria for Best Group? Number of hits? Rivermaya has that covered.- "Liwanag sa Dilim, You'll Be Safe Here, Posible, Makaaasa Ka. "
Appearances? Gigs? Duh... I saw the Rivermaya gig sched at their website and it made me wonder if they get any rest at all.  

And, seriously, how can a group that wasn't even nominated for Best Video, be the Best Group? And the Best Video winner not be nominated for Best Group? Weird eh?

Shouldn't all the nominees for the most important award of the night, which is Best Video, be automatically nominated in their respective genre or division (ie... Male or Female Artist, Group)?

Third, how in the world can Rachelle Anne Go win over Sarah Geronimo? Just how?

Fourth, what's up with the categories Best Remake and Best Appearance? So silly, really.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Music of the moment: You and Me (Lifehouse)
Mood: Tired

Great songs have entered my life. Wink **wink wink**

Seriously, there are a lot of songs that I really love. And if I were to make a list, it will be a very long one. However, I am a bonafide Lifehouse fan. A really die hard fan. And when I heard the You and Me song, I literally jumped off my seat and screamed. I was too damned excited upon realizing that the band has a new album. And now, everytime I hear it, on the radio or tv (some shows use it on their teasers), I feel all mushy. There's something heart wrenching about Jason Wade's voice. Every romantic soul in the world should listen to this wonderful man's  music.

I also have a current addiction for a new Christian Bautista song. It's such a lovely and well written piece that it's already on my all-time-list. Thanks to the balladeer's clear voice and good diction, the song sounds like a classic.

Here's the lyrics. It's a killer song. If you know what I mean.

Everything You Do

I love the way you smile
When I look in your eyes
I love the way you laugh
When I try to be funny
And how a tear rolls down your face
When I say no one could ever take your place.

Baby when you sleep
I watch you breathing
Baby when you dream
I dream with you
Cause everywhere you are is where
I wanna be
It's true everything you do
Makes me know how much I love you.

The way you touch my lips
Right after every kiss
And softly whisper
That I'm your everything
The way you pray
Our love wont die
Every night just before you
Close your eyes.

And I believe something are
meant to be
Cause I believe in love and
yours was meant for me.


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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Music of the moment: Give My Love
Mood: Fidgety

I finally took the Obligations and Contract exam last March 21.  It was also the last day of classes for school year 04-05. This is a 5 unit subject, and a pre requisite for several Civil Law subjects. 
I thought I was gonna hyperventilate to death while taking the test. I blew my midterm exams, and fortumately for me, my recitation grades are quite good, so I only had to get a little more than half of the items and my chances for passing was fine. I needed to get a 60, in order to obtain the passing grade of 75. I had fantasized about getting a final grade of 90, but for it to be possible, I had to perfect my final exams, which in Law School is like winning the lottery, cause it's a near impossibility.  

On Monday this week, I received word that my grade for Oblicon was available.  It came as a suprise because we took the Oblicon exam last, and the other teachers for the rest of the subjects had not submitted our grades yet. 

Anyways, for fear of my classmates beating me to the Dean's office and seeing my test paper, I went to school on Monday morning. Unfortunately, the papers were not yet there. A few of my classmates arrived and we waited and waited. No one wanted to leave. Understandably so, since test papers not claimed stand the risk of being seen and read by other students. We weren't confident about our performance on the exam so we practically camped out.

At around 3:30 PM, after hours of anticipation, the test papers and the time of reckoning arrived.

I felt my heart palpitate. Geez, the task of looking for ones test paper is really nerve racking. 

It had been a long day, and a bad grade was the last thing I needed. I would have hollered had I failed.

And thank God, I didn't.

I needed a 100, to get a 90% final grade. Well, I got 99 in the exam.  And with the power of rounding off, my 89.99 was recorded as a 90%.

Who says miracles don't happen? Certainly, not me.  

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Music of the moment: Flake by Jack Johnson
Mood: Strange

Things to do today:

1.  Study
2.  Clean my room
3.  Play with the dogs
4.  Study
5.  Watch TV
6.  Read the papers
7.  Read my mails
8.  Daydream
9.  Study
10.Order a pizza 

That list of course, is subject to change. And I'm quite sure that studying, despite being the most necessary, will take the back seat. You see, I'm really the most undisciplined student around. It's a good thing I have the natural intelligence to compensate for my lack of diligence. Hahaha. And oh, have I mentioned that I'm also hopelessly modest?

Sheeeshhh... I think I'm on the verge of falling off sanity hill.

But anyways, I better shape up coz it's 2 days away from finals. Huhuhuh.... 

Law students shell out a lot of money for tuition, only to be mentally and emotionally tormented. Isn't it ironic?

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The wall clock says it is 1:30 in the morning. Instead of sleeping and resting my mind, or studying for my final exams,  here I am still, in front of the computer. Nothing unusual about this, really. For over a decade now I have been guilty of perfecting a nocturnal habit. I can last for 48 hours with hardly a couple of hours slumber to my credit.

This is the first time though, that I have stayed awake to wait for my younger brother. My kid bro left at around 8:30 to watch a Slapshock concert with some friends. Earlier today, he had given me some hints about the show featuring this band. I, of course, having sensed his intention to watch, was quick to douse on his plans. "Don't you even think of going there." I hissed. In his most innocent tone he quipped, "Didn't even cross my mind."

I knew he was in denial. 

After dinner as I expected, he started pacing the room; casually telling me that the concert had probably begun. And after several statements, that could all be interpreted as "I wanna go to the concert, but I don't wanna be obvious!", he finally blurted it out and said "Can I go?"

And so to make the story short, he asked permission from our Mother, who told him to tell our Father who eventually gave in, after a litany of pleases and promises from my brother. Off to the concert my brother went. And at this ungodly hour, he still hasn't come home.

Give it an hour or so, and I bet a whole month's allowance that my father would be out in the city  looking for him.

It is amazing how fast time flies. It wasn't so long ago when my brother's idea of fun was playing with his Lego or train sets for hours. Well, the Lego and the train sets have retired in favor of the family computer, which quickly took the back seat after we decided he was old enough to play PS2. And now, on his first unchaperoned concert, he has done what most kids do at one point in their young lives -  become a curfew violator. 

And woa, I barely finished typing that last paragraph and I already heard my Father start the car.

No doubt about it, as far as this family is concerned, my not so little brother in spite of his height and built, will always be a baby.

Mac and Me, ages ago

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

So, I finally mustered enough courage to create a blog. I had thought of doing this for quite sometime. Reading other people's life adventures made me realize that I was wasting my thoughts by letting them dwindle away instead of writing them down. I've never been successful in keeping a journal. I'm just too lazy.  But, I hope with this "new" method, I might just be able to pull it off. Who knows? It's worth a try.

So, to anyone who would bother to read my angst and joy, I have nothing much to say for now but this: welcome to my life.

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